Quality of Panama Hats

Cappello Panama Hatters: cura dei cappelli

The quality of the Panama hats is measured in degrees.

The “degree” of a Panama hat is a measure of the quality of the fabric of straw with which it is packaged.

The degree measures the amount of straw threads in a square inch of fabric, a greater amount of wire is coupled to a better quality.

Panama Hatters offers you a wide choice of degrees for each model of the Panama hat:

  • For packaged in Cuenca hats are available the following degrees:
    Standard: 70-120 dots per inch (width weft) & Up 12 AA-170 dots per inch
  • For packaged in Montecristi hats are available the following degrees:
    Standard | 170-220 – Up | 220-350 – 350-600 Superfino – Batteries | 600/800 Dots per Inch

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