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Il Processo di creazione di un cappello Panama

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La Preparazione dei Fogli

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Il Tessuto

The production of “Panama Hats” means heritage and tradition: taught from father to son, learning day after day how piles of straw can become valuable hats. The cycle repeats from generation to generation in Cuenca, Montecristi and nearby towns.

artigiani cappelli di panama
Panama Hats – Handmade

Our craftsmen always pay special attention to the basic factors that make a quality Panama hat:

The quality of the straw (toquilla),which depends on the diversity of raw materials and careful treatment and processing.

The weaving skill and ability of each craftsman (working invariably by hand).The final finishing, which differs according to the Panama hat model.

How a Panama Hat is made

The Plant used to create our exclusive products is the “Shawl Palm Tree”,

growing in the plantations on the coast of Ecuador, a place only accessible by horse or donkey.

Sheets Preparation

First, the leaves are divided into fine fibers with the aid of an elongated metal rod.

Then, the fibers are boiled in water for 20-30 minutes, after which they are hung to dry in a vertical position.

The fibers must be shaken frequently to prevent them from sticking to one another.

The Woven material

The weaving process necessitates a wooden mould made specifically for the production of Panama hats.

During this process, the fibers must be moistened accurately and constantly to prevent them from breaking.

Depending on the desired quality, our weavers need some days or even some months to weave our Panama hats.

This is done only by knitting and exclusively during the early morning hours due to the high humidity occurring during the day.

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